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Make your asset more valuable using solar power.

Lease your roof to generate cash, and enable your tenants to save money and achieve their environmental sustainability goals. 

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Turn your vacant roof space into cash flow and stand out to your ideal tenant.

Partner with us for opportunity to increase your financial returns without putting any additional capital at risk. 

Schedule your free consultation with one of our Solar Specialists today. 

Benefits of Partnering with
Superior Power

More cash flow, better returns, higher quality tenants, and stronger retention.


By partnering with an established distributed energy company like Superior Power, you will be growing your earnings stream and increasing the resiliency of your business model without taking on financial risk.

The process is simple:
(1) Lease your roof space to Superior Power (2) Facilitate a Power Purchase Agreement between us and your tenant (3) Receive a share of the revenue generated from the solar arrays installed on your roof. 

No upfront
capital investment for
the solar arrays
Attract tenants with
energy cost savings and
Boost Cash Flow
through a long-term lease agreement
Turn improved financial returns into additional leverage
for future projects
Case Study

An example demonstrating how can take advantage of the positive impacts of solar by installing a system on your building's roof.

Roof-mounted on your commercial or multi-family building

$25,000 of cash flow generated over a 20 year lease agreement

Increase profitability

Carbon sequestered equal to that of 76,000 trees

Solar System Description

The Impact of Solar

Benefits to your investment
Environmental benefits

250 kW or ~640 panels

$0 of capital at risk

Environmentally conscious real estate developer

6.7 million pounds of CO2 avoided 





How to become a greener
real estate company

Work with Superior Power to determine the appropriate solar arrays or set of solar arrays for the usable square footage of your roof.

Complete a Lease Agreement outlining a predetermined revenue sharing percentage for a specific number of years, plus facilitate a Power Purchase Agreement with your tenant.

Superior Power completes the design, engineering, procurement and installation of the solar arrays.

The solar arrays are connected to the grid and local distribution company to power your tenant's business, and start producing a new cashflow stream from your building.

Partner with Superior Power

Superior Power is a US-based distributed energy company dedicated to accelerating the uptake of solar energy and support businesses and communities to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

We believe that we must work as a collective to ensure our society achieves the net-zero carbon emission world that we all want and need. Superior Power makes this transition seamless.

Connect with one of our Solar Specialists to learn how you can benefit from solar energy today.

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