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Power your mine with clean solar energy.

Grow your bottom line and achieve your environmental objectives by partnering with Superior Power.

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Solar energy is now the most cost effective way to power your mining company.

Pair this with the environmental and social benefits of this incredible set of technologies, and the decision to go solar becomes crystal clear.  Schedule your free consultation with one of our Solar Specialists today. 

Benefits of Partnering with
Superior Power

Stand out as an ESG leader and reap the financial benefits of low cost renewable energy.

By partnering with an established distributed energy company like Superior Power, your mining company can eliminate the use of diesel fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy without taking on financial risk. Through a mechanism called a Power Purchase Agreement, your company will benefit from years of clean energy at a fraction of your current electricity rate, while staking your claim as an environmentally conscious producer of raw materials.

No upfront
capital investment for
your company
Energy cost
predictability for
the long-term
through significant
cost savings 
Achieve ESG goals
and get ahead of
emission regulations
Case Study

An example demonstrating how your mining company can take advantage of the positive impacts of solar.

Solar System Description

The Impact of Solar

Benefits to your business
Environmental benefits

1,565 kW or ~4,000 panels

$0 of capital at risk

Achieve ESG objectives

42 million pounds of CO2 avoided 

Ground-mounted near your day-to-day operations

Energy cost savings of more than $650,000 over 25 years

Increase profitability

Carbon sequestered equal to that of 480,000 trees





Get solar for your mining company

Work with Superior Power to determine the appropriate solar arrays or set of solar arrays for your company's energy needs.

Complete a Power Purchase Agreement outlining a predetermined energy rate for a specific number of years.

Superior Power completes the design, engineering, procurement and installation of the solar arrays.

The solar arrays are connected to the grid and local distribution company to power your mines at a much lower cost than your current utility bill.

Partner with Superior Power

Superior Power is a US-based distributed energy company dedicated to accelerating the uptake of solar energy and support businesses and communities to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

We believe that we must work as a collective to ensure our society achieves the net-zero carbon emission world that we all want and need. Superior Power makes this transition seamless.

Connect with one of our Solar Specialists today to start your transition today.

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