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Earn money from your vacant land.

Hosting a solar array is a simple and zero-risk method of earning money from your vacant or non-productive land.  

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Turn your vacant land into cash flow and help clean up the planet too.

Partner with us for opportunity to earn a stable stream of income without putting any additional capital at risk. 

Schedule your free consultation with one of our Solar Specialists today. 

Benefits of Partnering with
Superior Power

Hosting a solar arrays on your land is a great way to earn money risk free for decades.


By partnering with an established distributed energy company like Superior Power, you will have the opportunity to create a new earnings stream and without taking on financial risk.


The model is simple:
(1) Lease your roof vacant land to Superior Power (2) Superior Power establishes a contract with your local power distribution company (3) Receive a share of the revenue generated from the solar arrays on your land. 

No upfront
capital investment for
the solar arrays
Cut your energy costs
significantly by purchasing
energy from Superior Power
Create a new stream of
earnings for yourself without taking any financial risk
Feel good knowing you
are helping your community reduce its carbon footprint





How to make extra money from your vacant land

Work with Superior Power to determine the appropriate solar arrays or set of solar arrays for the usable area on your vacant land.

Complete a Lease Agreement outlining a predetermined revenue sharing percentage for a specific number of years.

Superior Power completes the design, engineering, procurement and installation of the solar arrays.

The solar arrays are connected to the grid and local distribution company to power your community, while you receive a consistent stream of money for the length of your lease agreement. 

Partner with Superior Power

Superior Power is a US-based distributed energy company dedicated to accelerating the uptake of solar energy and support businesses and communities to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

We believe that we must work as a collective to ensure our society achieves the net-zero carbon emission world that we all want and need. Superior Power makes this transition seamless.

Connect with one of our Solar Specialists to learn how you can benefit from solar energy today.

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