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Reduce your power bill & carbon footprint with solar.

Solar is the best way to achieve lower and more predictable electricity costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Solar power is now the most cost effective way to power your business. 

Contact us to achieve your financial benefits today.

Benefits of powering your business with solar

Your business is positioned to benefit from solar today more than ever before.

As an established distributed energy provider, Superior Power is positioned to enable your business to increase its portion of energy usage from renewable sources without taking on financial risk. Through a mechanism called a Power Purchase Agreement, your business will purchase the energy generated from the solar arrays that have been installed on your roof at a predetermined discount, providing you with cheaper and cleaner power.

$0 upfront
Energy cost 
predictability for 
the long-term
cost savings for your
Run a cleaner business 
and reduce your
carbon footprint 
Case Study

An example demonstrating how your business can take advantage of the positive impacts of solar.

Roof-mounted on your commercial or industrial building

Reduce energy expenses

Increase profitability

Carbon sequestered equal to that of 76,000 trees

Solar System Description

The Impact of Solar

Benefits to your business
Environmental benefits

250 kW or ~530 panels

$0 of capital at risk

Achieve ESG objectives

6.7 million pounds of CO2 avoided 





Get solar for your business

Work with us to determine the appropriate solar system design your business' energy needs.

Complete a Power Purchase Agreement outlining a predetermined energy rate for a specific number of years.

Superior Power completes the design, engineering, procurement and installation of your system.

Your  system is interconnected to the grid and immediately starts powering your business with clean energy.

Power your facility with solar

Superior Power is a design-build solar developer in Michigan. We help make your transition to clean energy seamless.

Connect with our team to learn how you can benefit from solar energy today.

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